Helping you find the joy in your business

Bringing JOY back to Your business. Helping you move beyond the struggle to leading a generative and successful team.

A catalyst for a different possibility

If you could create your business to be anything, what would you choose? Who could you add to your business to make that happen?

Michelle McDonald's playground is business! She has experienced ALL facets of business: as an employee; as a business owner (with more than one business at a time); and setting up, managing or consulting for others.

What if business and life weren't separate?
What if you could have just as much fun in business as you do in life outside of business?

Michelle knows business can truly be done anywhere - from living and working in Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand​, ​and United States​ (twice)​​​; to travelling and working across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, and Europe​.​​​

What if business wasn't hard?
And what if you could be aware of what was required, instead of being in your business all the time?

Helping YOU grow & thrive is what brings Michelle the greatest joy. Michelle empowers YOU using pragmatic tools and questions to create dynamically different results in your business and your life.

Never one to take NO for an answer, Michelle continues to create beyond limitations.

Are you ready to put the fun back in your business?

Individual Coaching

Are you spending too many hours working in your business instead of creating & generating a thriving business? What if there was a different possibility available? Are you ready to dive in & create your business with ease?

Corporate Consulting

Are you looking at creating a business where employees enjoy collaborating & have a reason to come to work; a business that's resilient & thrives in tough times? 

Live Classes

Which classes resonate with you?
Putting The Fun Back in Business?
Access Business 101: Business Done Different?  Or any number of specialty topics?


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