Which online course platform is the right one?

You’re ready to add an online course to your business, and the creative ideas are flowing.  In your head you’ve mapped out the course, given it a name, and begun pulling together content for downloadables to enhance the lessons in the course.  In your excitement, you pick an online course platform and dive right in. Over the next few days, it dawns on you how many components (and hours) are needed you weren’t aware of. You’ve spent DAYS setting it up already ... and you’re nowhere near finished .... and then you begin to feel overwhelmed. So STOP NOW!

With such a large investment of your time, it’s worth having clarity and planning before you begin. A planned course strategy can assist with overwhelm, help with time management, and set an achievable launch date for your course. Let’s dig a little deeper before continuing with your platform (think of the time you’ve invested already (and the course is not finished), and then...

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Busting DIY Online Course Myths

Online course providers love to share success stories of their customers' big wins. We’ve all seen the hype: create an online course (in hours), everyone wants what you have to offer, and the money flows in. Right?

Let’s just bust a few myths in the opening paragraph:

  1. Create an online course in hours - yes you can do this if you are transferring your existing course from one platform to another, or your course structure and material are completely ready for uploading ... and you’re software savvy.  This does not include the platform setup and integrations if you are using your own domain i.e. DNS and nameserver changes can take up to 24 hours to take effect.
  2. Everyone one wants what you have to offer - you know you can make a difference in the market, however, have you tested and validated your course/offer? Does it sell already as a stand alone product?
  3. The money flows in - if you don’t have a tribe, how will people find you to buy your online course?...
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Is an online course the next step for my business?

Online courses are the new black! We’ve all seen the success stories for an online course - they’re super easy to setup, you gain back your time, and the passive income flows in. The reality is the market is becoming oversaturated and only a small percentage of courses succeed. Unfortunately there many who have invested a tonne of time, energy and money with nothing to show for it.

There is no overnight success with an online course. It takes planning, commitment and time (along with a kick-ass marketing strategy if you don’t have a tribe). Used strategically, an online course can leverage your time, scale your business and catapult you into the global arena with ease.

Before you even begin to decide on what course platform you’ll use, you need to go back to basics with your idea and ask yourself these questions.

Who is my target market?

Revisit your target market, depending on your course idea, it may be a niche within your existing target market and...

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How To Do It All, Staying Productive With a Family

families productivity Jan 11, 2018

By Paul Milano | Published 12 January 2018

Stay productive, build a business and grow your career, even with a family.

“Being a parent is hard. Being an entrepreneur is hard. Being both… you might just be a little crazy! (And we are.)”
Tom Sylvester – Serial Entrepreneur. CEO of a VC Firm.

A while back I interviewed a number of startup founders on how they get things done.

One individual in the comments wrote that the tips were great but how do they apply when you have kids and a family to take care of?

A great question, that I did not know how to answer.

Not having made this journey myself, I decided to reach out to my networks and find out.

When you become a parent, you add a few new roles to your life and career resume.

(It is a full-time job after all). This new role of taking care of a family will conflict with everything else on there.

Many think it’s a choice between either building a business and growing a career or having a family.

I know I...

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Interview: Entrepreneur productivity habits for families

families productivity Jan 07, 2018

In September 2017 I was interviewed to contribute to an article 'How to do it all, staying productive with a family'.  This is a transcript of that interview.

Would you be able to say a little bit about yourself, who you are and what your business is?

My playground is business! I’ve been in business for 9 years, wearing many hats from simplifying a client's software & systems/processes, foreseeing what's required for now and for the future and putting that in place, mentoring and facilitating Access Joy of Business classes. I ask the questions no one else will to unlock the places you are limiting yourself, and this grows your business dynamically.

I am married and we have a 10-year-old daughter. Our closest family is 3 hours drive away, and with after school care shortages, we’re a self-reliant family. Working from home allows school drop off/pickup, homework, taxiing to/from after-school activities while working with clients globally.

Aside from the obvious...

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