What is it I do?

I'm an online course strategist. I'll get your online course up quicker than you imagined, and provide you with the knowledge to update and create on your own (because ideas don't always occur during business hours!).

What can you add to your business to create the ease and simplicity you know is possible?


Where you can go

Where you are now

Frustrated. You're ready to add to your existing program, you've read it's easy to do it yourself (that was 12+ months ago) ... and it's still not done! The article didn't mention you already have a successful business, there's little time (or desire) to research a platform, setup system(s), implement, and train your team.

What's the cost of taking no action?

Stagnation ... you'll be unable to deliver your services efficiently to your clients. You've outgrown your existing systems, and you end up in chaos trying to make pieces fit together with systems that don't talk to each other.


Step out of confusion and frustration.

Step into ...

Reclaiming your time.

Relief and peace of mind.

What about limitless possibilities?

What contribution can someone with the knowledge and experience of what you are trying to create bring to your business? 

What will your business look like in 5 years if you DON'T take action?

Do what you do best

Isn't the reason you went into business to make a difference?

Let me help you get back to what you do best ... helping other businesses succeed!

Are you ready to stop wasting time and money?

With the right system and platform, you'll be able to scale your business in no time. An online platform catapults you into the global arena. 

What contribution can you be to those looking for what  you have to offer?

In 5 EASY STEPS I will ...

  • ENHANCE YOUR VISION and conceptualise your ideas into a tangible product
  • Perform a SOFTWARE ANALYSIS to deliver the right application/platform to meet your vision
  • Facilitate CONTENT COLLABORATION through brainstorming, organising, optimising and delivery structure
  • CREATION & IMPLEMENTATION of your course, replicating existing branding for a seamless user experience
  • LAUNCH & LEVERAGE your course, receive training for you (and your team members) on updating & future course creation

If this is EXACTLY what you’ve been looking for and unable to find, let’s talk!

Click here to book a chat to see if an online course is for you

Michelle McDonald

Michelle's playground is business! With over 20 years streamlining systems for global businesses, Michelle has experienced ALL facets of business, from employee, consultant, co-founder, to business owner (and doing all at once) ... Michelle knows what it takes.

Michelle has the innate ability to look outside the box and see what is required for now and in the future.

Helping YOU grow & thrive is what brings Michelle the greatest joy.

Michelle asks you questions to create dynamically different results without separating business and life.

Michelle facilitates for Joy of Business, a global community supporting businesses and leaders.

If you could create your business to be ANYTHING, what would you CHOOSE?

WHO could you add to your business to make that happen?


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